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Monkey chess on Chess.com.

Monkey chess on Chess.com.

Feb 6, 2015, 2:08 AM 0

Yes I know that monkey style chessmen can’t be banned here but I’ll write why playing the way is ugly. What is the monkey chess? When an amateur is developing from Class C to Class B player he minimize his blunders almost to minimum but he still don’t know how to play well from strategic point of view so he plays rather idiotic but safe moves having a hope that his opponent will commit a blunder and lose the game in fact to himself.  If the monkey chess is played by an amateur of from Class C to Class B it is unpleasant but normal. Well, when Class A and higher players play the way it is total disrespect to the game and to the opponent. Every time I play elite 1500+ bullet tourneys here I meet the monkey chess performed by 1700+. What the hell is that? Can I stop calling them names when those have two times better connection than mine and play the monkey chess? Is it fair?  

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