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2 Common Chess Sins and Krav Maga Chess Puzzle

2 Common Chess Sins and Krav Maga Chess Puzzle

Jan 9, 2015, 1:41 PM 5
Two Common Chess Sins:
1. Ignoring or not noticing pertinent threats made by the opponent. "The opponent
deserves to exist"- GM Tartakower
2. Reacting too passively to a threat by the opponent. Sometimes even seeing "phantom threats" or perceived powerful moves by the opponent that not indeed so. "It is important to respect the opponent, but not to diefy him"- NM Clawitter
Krav Maga Chess"
Krav Maga is the art of defending while attacking. This is a perfect way to play in chess. Great players try to find their opponents intentions, and instead of bowing down to them, they try to find a way crush them or better yet, ignore them without consequence. 
Below is a puzzle that I've given to many students. I will give some of their answers when the fall into one of the 2 common chess sins or when they found a "krav maga style" move! See if you can fend off Black's threats, while "punching" back. Good luck!
For more information on how to solve these problems go to: http://www.chess.com/blog/CraiggoryC/2-chess-sins-and-an-intro-to-quotkrav-magaquot-chess

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