Adventures in my First Ever Tiebreak!

Adventures in my First Ever Tiebreak!

NM CraiggoryC

On June 11th and 12th I played in a 4 game tournament designed to qualify 3 people for the Southern California State Champs. I had to win my final game with the Black pieces (which I did, barely, after 5+ grueling hours) in order to get to 2.5/4 which was needed in order to at least tie for 3rd. At the end of all that, it was tiebreak time!

First Tiebreak Game

The first game I was randomly awarded Black. It was a game in 15 minutes (with no delay or increment). What's funny is the opening was exactly the same as the game prior (round 4) where I needed to win in order to get in the tiebreaks. I preceded to win a pawn and stay up on time, but my opponent defended resiliently and eventually got to the following position.

Can you find the amazing move he played here?

White to play and draw

Armaggedon Game

So that meant it was on to an "armaggedon game", which means that if Black draws, he wins the match. We bid on times, with the knowledge that if put a higher time, we would get 30 minutes, the White pieces, and we'd have to win. I bid 24 minutes, but my opponent bid 9 minutes!! So the White pieces it was for me. My opponent again defended a worse position resiliently but in the end I had an amazing idea to win the game. 

Can you find the Winning Line?

White to play and win.

Hint: Qxe6 is good, but with Black's King so weak, we should really look for some direct attacking ideas!