Answering A Question About Dealing With a Difficult Opening

Answering A Question About Dealing With a Difficult Opening

NM CraiggoryC
Apr 4, 2016, 7:27 PM |

I recently had a good question from @DarkKnightFantasy about dealing an opening that you find difficult.


I play d4 from white I can handle QGD,QGA,nimzo etc but I dont play well against KID so what should I play, how should I handle it? In particular the classical KID 6...Nbd7 7...e5 8.d5 Nc5 9.Qc2 a5 and then Nh5 f5 f4,pawn storms and attack comes and it seems like I'm just reacting to black moves. As they say in KID white only wins rooks but black checkmates white.

My response was: What I'd do, is find the strong players that play the same way you do against the QGD, Nimzo, etc (all the openings you are comfortable playing against). Find out what those strong players play against the KID and go over a whole game of theirs. It's important to go over the whole game so you can see how they were able to beat it (and all the trials along the way).

Below is an example of how to go about following the advice that I gave to @DarkKnightFantasy

Puzzles to Illustrate the Key Ideas

Black just played 10...Re8, what should White play?

Black looks poised to start a Kingside pawn storm. How Should White play to counter this?
Svidler missed a strong continuation that would have probably got him the full point in this game. Let's see if you can see the line that he missed.