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Best Ways to Incorporate Chess With Labor Day Weekend

Best Ways to Incorporate Chess With Labor Day Weekend

Sep 4, 2016, 9:55 AM 7

A lot of chess players are playing in the many labor day tournaments around the US (and maybe the world?). This post is for those that are a little less serious about their chess or maybe just want to have a 3 day weekend to recharge (like me)! See the pictures below for ideas on how to incorporate chess into your relaxing/fun 3 day weekend!


You can't go wrong with chess at the beach; you don't even need a board!

What about some chess in the backyard or at a park. Grill up some brats and you really got a great thing going (even if they did set up the board incorrectly)!

Play with cupcake/shot boards! 

Cool off with Some Chess at the Local Pool!

Find a Local Pub/Brewery and start your own chess plub!


If You Have a Spaceship Don't Forget to Let the Wookie Win!

Hope you're having a great Labor Day Weekend! If you have some chess related pictures and/or ideas for how to incorporate chess into the 3 day weekend, feel free to comment directly to blog. Cheers!

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