Pop Quiz on 1. e4 e5 (for Black)

Pop Quiz on 1. e4 e5 (for Black)

NM CraiggoryC

So you think you know all about defending against 1. e4 with 1...e5!? Let's test out your skills with some puzzles below. This will test out your opening knowledge along with some tactics that developed from games that started 1. e4 e5. Good luck!

Defending against the Ruy Lopez: Using the Neo-Archangel Defense

White just played 9. c3, do you know Black's typical idea to defend against White's intention to plow through the center with 10. d4?

Look at how active Black's pieces are (in particular, the Bishops on b7 & b6) can you find the crushing blow the Svidler played?
Defending Against the Italian Using the Two Knights Defense
White just played 16. b3, restricting the Black Knight on a5. What did Black do about this?

All of White's pieces have abandoned the White Kingside. How did Black take advantage of this?

Defending Against the Scotch Opening
Do you know Black's (tricky) main move here?

White's Queen just picked off the g7 pawn, can you punish White for his greed?

Can you find the finishing blow? Think about getting rid of even more of White's King defenders.

Defending Against the 4 Knights

White just played 4. Bc4?! and allowed Black a strong reply, what is that reply?


White is playing the Spanish 4 Knights, do you know the Knight tour that put this line out of favor?
Black finished off this game, with a nice tactic, can you find it?
How NOT to play against the Scotch 4 Knights:
Capablanca finishes this game off very nicely, do you see how?
How to play against the Scotch 4 Knights:
In the above example Black played 4...d6?! Can you play better?
White has messed up, can you see you how?