Get the Most From Your Games

Get the Most From Your Games

NM CraiggoryC
Feb 16, 2016, 11:57 AM |

I will be using Rds 3-6 from a tournament held over MLK weekend in San Diego, CA: The Dreaming King Open.

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Rd 3

In the 3rd round I played a talented junior player for a consecutive round. The younger the player, (usually) the worse they are at endgames and/or simple positions. If you feel like you are adept at these types of positions, it's a good strategy to steer the position into your strength and their weakness.

I actually feel, I'm better at complex positions and therefore was just by luck that we reached a simple position and then a Rook endgame; in which I didn't take advantage of my opponent's mistakes and let a half point slip away.

Find the Winning Move

The Actual Game
How I "got the most" from this game:
  1. I went over the opening and found a game (using chessbase) that I want to model my future games with.
  2. After going over the opening, I tried to find where the players made mistakes or good moves. Only after this did I turn on computer analysis, which I use as a tactic checker. If I find any mistakes I check to see how long the player took on that move. From this information you can see whether you are using too little or too much (yes sometimes you make mistakes when you overanalysis a position).
  3. After I've done this, it's time to compare my analysis with my chess teacher. From there the teacher and I can go over things I should have thought about or things I've missed.

Rd 4

Another game against a promising junior player, and again a by accident endgame; I was playing the Yugoslav Attack against the Dragon...not exactly the best way to get a simple position :)

A Typical Idea in the Yugoslav Attack

The Whole Game
Rd 5
Round 5 saw my playing my 2nd GM of the tournament! I always like playing strong players like this GM; however the lack of sportmanship was a bit disappointing (he refused to shake hands and scoffed when I offered to do so). A lot of GMs are great ambassadors of the game, this one is just not one of them :(
Rd 6
In the last round, I got quite lucky! I kept my nerves after an opening mistake gave my opponent several extra tempos. I was cursing myself under my breath because I have not played the Botvinnik variation of the Semi-Slav in over 10 years! I decided it was worth a try because I needed a win, and I was actually expecting to be White against a different opponent.
How I Nearly Lost Right Out of the Opening

The Actual Game
Why did White Resign? Doesn't Rb1 pin and win the Queen?!