Guess Anand's Move: The Answers

Guess Anand's Move: The Answers

NM CraiggoryC
May 25, 2016, 9:25 AM |

In my previous blog I gave 8 diagrams and had you try to guess Anand's move. If you haven't done so yet you can click here
to try to guess Anand's move or just go over the answers (take the easy way out :P)

I also wanted to add that it's important that you DON'T feel like you needed to see every move that Anand played. It's way more important to try to understand why he played the moves. No human can see 30 moves ahead, but we can use our intuition to try to (educatedly) guess the best move. If you didn't get a move right, analyze to see if your move was good (it might be!) and compare to Anand's move. This is a great exercise for the betterment of your intuition. Good luck and hope you enjoy!









For the above problem I'd recommend playing it out on an endgame tablebase by clicking here