Incredible Kasparian Endgame Study

Incredible Kasparian Endgame Study

NM CraiggoryC
Dec 30, 2015, 3:49 PM |

Genrikh Moiseyevich Kasparian

Genrikh Moiseyevich Kasparian was born in Tbilisi, Georgia (then Russian Empire). He was awarded the IM title in 1950, International Judge of Chess Compositions title in 1956 and Grandmaster of Chess Compositions title in 1972. As a player he was ten times Armenian Champion and defeated Vitaly Chekhover (+6, =7, -4) in a match in 1936. He was also an author, analyst and composer. In the field of endgame studies he is best known, regarded by many as the greatest study composer of all time. He passed away in Yerevan in 1995.

Try your luck at the following study. Be forewarned this puzzle is tough! Don't be discouraged if you cannot find the answer, going over the answer is good enough but only if you understand why the moves are being played! If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this blog and I will try to answer ASAP! Hope you enjoy and have a Happy New Year!!

If you thought that, that was too easy, then you were right! The story is not even halfway over! Black is ready to pin and/or trap White's extra Knight!
Just to prove Black's in zugzwang (part 1)
Just to prove Black's in zugzwang (part 2)
Was 7. Kd1!! really necessary? Try to find out how Black could defend against other King moves
After move 10, click the "?" button to see further analysis
If this wasn't enough to wet your "endgame whistle" then be sure to click on the following link: