LCC Round 1: Behind the Scenes

LCC Round 1: Behind the Scenes

NM CraiggoryC

Part of the beauty of chess is that everything is not as it seems. Many beautiful combinations lie in variations that "could have happened" in the actual game. This is also why the game has trouble grabbing the attention of the non-chess player. Chessplayers, especially tournament playing chessplayers, understand that many of what is happening in chess is being "snuffed out" by the opponent. This is especially so at such a high level tournament as the 2015 London Chess Classic! These players are just too good to fall for basic traps. Read on to see the moves that lay behind the scenes in these top level games! 

Note: If you cannot solve the puzzle, don't despair, just click the '?' button and the solution will be given to you. It's great if you can solve the puzzle, but it's more important to understand the solution: this will increase your chess strength!


This first game, actually showed off the most beautiful moves.


But that wasn't the end of it...


Another game where the most beautiful variations are out there for everyone to see!


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