London Chess Classic 2015 Preview and Puzzles

London Chess Classic 2015 Preview and Puzzles

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 The Players:


Nine players compete in all three Grand Chess Tour events: Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, Veselin Topalov, Alexander Grischuk, Vishy Anand, Anish Giri, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Levon Aronian. The London Chess Classic organisers have nominated Michael Adams as the tenth player.









Magnus Carlsen

World Champion


Fabiano Caruana

World No.6


Hikaru Nakamura

US Number 1












Vishy Anand

Former World Ch.


Anish Giri

World No.9


Levon Aronian

World No.7






Veselin Topalov                            Alexander Grischuk              Michael Adams

   World No.2                                       World No.14                     England No. 1

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave

World No.12


For more information please visit the tournament website


What's at Stake:


It's the final leg of the 2015 Grand Chess Tour which pits 9 top chess players against each other. Here's the current standings


Who are these guys?


Magnus Carlsen


Further analysis of Carlsen's great move and the rest of the game


Vishy Anand


Just another boring draw
Rest of the above game
Let me hear who you guys are rooting for, and/or who you think is going to win this tournament!