Make Your Blitz Games Work For You!

Make Your Blitz Games Work For You!

NM CraiggoryC
Feb 12, 2015, 6:01 PM |

Very often you'll hear something along the line of: "Don't play blitz, it's the worst thing for your chess"

And that can be true, but in reality, blitz is only bad for your chess if you don't go over the games you play. It is very bad for your chess to play hundreds of blitz games and then never analyze them. If you look over your openings and missed tactical opportunities, blitz can actually be a fun way to "study" chess. A great tool for blitz games is chessbase. You can download the pgn on any game played on and go over your game with an engine, a database of millions of games, and maybe a chess teacher. Here's some examples of how I did just that:

Too many students of chess do not study because it's "boring". If you enjoy blitz, then you should play and make it "work for you"! You will get the most out of "enjoyable study", not the study where you are just going through the motions of some technical endgame. 

So my advice is to find what you enjoy about chess and concentrate your study on that area. If you do not find anything you enjoy then maybe chess isn't for you :) Leave the stuff you don't enjoy for the GMs or your chess teacher to teach you. Good luck, and remember: Have fun! (it helps you get better)