Make Your Ideas Reach the Chess Board

Make Your Ideas Reach the Chess Board

NM CraiggoryC
May 29, 2016, 1:57 PM |

If you find yourself in Southern California (or you live here) then you'd be doing yourself a favor by checking out the San Diego Chess Club's Saturday Tournament called "The Gambito". The Gambito is a one day, four rapid games (G/45 (5s delay)) tournament. It's a great event, that doesn't take a whole weekend, or even your whole Saturday night to complete! After this tournament was over, I went to a local brewery to get some dinner and watch the entire Warriors-Thunder playoff game!

This blog will be about the lessons learned from round 1. What I'm hoping to convey is how you can use each of your games to better yourself (chesswise). In each game, I'll go over and try express what I was thinking, where my opponent or I messed up (and why), and where my opponent or I played strong moves. In my opinion, each of these games has different lessons to learn and hopefully you agree! Without furtherado let's get into Round 1!

*Disclaimer*: Remember these are game 45's so the quality of play is not as high as in Classical Chess. G/45's usually involve trusting your intuition and usually fortune favors the brave. Risky openings can be quite strong in these rapid games!

Round 1

White has played an offbeat opening (not necessarily bad) but it leaves Black to find the correct plan to counter White's setup. What do you think Black should play here?


White misses his chance to "make his ideas reach the chessboard"

Can you find the move that White should have played?


White missed his chance, how did Black punish White's indiscretion?


How did Black finish off this game with a nice little tactic?

Coming Soon

If you any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to comment directly to this blog post. Hope you enjoyed! And Stay Classy San Diego!