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Put 10 Minutes on the Clock and Try to Solve!

Put 10 Minutes on the Clock and Try to Solve!

Jul 23, 2016, 11:53 AM 4
One of the best ways to keep yourself honest when going over chess puzzles, is to set a timer and write down everything you were thinking. At the end compare to the correct answer. If you have a coach/teacher this information will be invaluable to them, and they can help you clean up how you calculate. A huge difference between titled players and non-titled players is clear & concise calculation.
Links for Tips About How to Get Better at Calculation:
"Think Like a Grandmaster"-by GM Kotov
A Discussion about Kotov's Candidate Move System
It's time to put 10 minutes on the clock and see what you got!
Black to Play and Win!
Black to play and Survive!
White to play and Finish Black off!

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