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Stop, Drop, and Examine the Position

Stop, Drop, and Examine the Position

Nov 9, 2015, 3:59 PM 9

How to Examine a Position

The above diagram is very easy to solve; but only if you first examine what is going on. What you (the solver) should notice is that the Black Queen on c7 needs to protect f7 (or else Qf7#) and the Black Rook on d8 needs to protect e8 (or else Qe8#). This is of course only if the White Queen and Bishop are unmoved. After noticing this detail it becomes (more) obvious that the piece that should be moved is the dark squared Bishop. Below is the answer to the diagrammed position using the information we gathered by examining the position.
The rest of the puzzles will be much easier if you take time out to examine what is going on in the position. Take a crack at it!
This last one is difficult, don't feel ashamed to just go straight to the answer after the first few moves. It's a very instructive attacking game from Leonid Stein and it would be a shame to not view it. 
This Puzzles were from the very interesting book: "The Enigma of Chess Intuition" by GM Valeri Beim

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