Titled Tuesday 07/05/16: Who Needs a Queen to Mate?!

Titled Tuesday 07/05/16: Who Needs a Queen to Mate?!

NM CraiggoryC

Yesterday I had my most successful (to date) Titled Tuesday, with a 5/9 score. This was greatly helped by a last round win against a disgruntled/half hearted GM Simon Williams; but I'll take it!

The game we'll be going over today featured a currently very popular line in the Catalan. For more information on this line, click here to view a blog I've previously written on this variation. Let's get to the game!

In this variation, Black needs to use his development lead and the weakness of the light squares in White's camp. How did Black accomplish this in the above diagram?
Black has a thematic attacking idea in the above position. Do you already know it/can you find it?
White has just let Black back in the game with his slightly inaccurate 17th move. What did Black play to take advantage of this inaccuracy?
Who needs a Queen to mate? Can you find how Black finished off the game?

The entire game (w/ variations) can be seen below: