Using Your Blitz Games to Get Better at "Actual" Chess

NM CraiggoryC
Nov 16, 2015, 12:25 PM |

Blitz is fun. That's why there is very few long games going on at Usually your playing on is for fun and not for prize money or official rating gains. 

But wouldn't it be awesome if you could use your blitz playing to get better at OTB official tournaments? Well there's a way! Blitz is a great way to get a lot of unique positions in a little amount of time. After you're done with a "blitz sesh" it's a great idea to go over the game and look at where you deviated from GM play. You can either cross reference your game on chessbase (if you have it) or on opening explorer (here on You should go over the game and see where you deviated and whether you like the GMs play or your play better; sometimes I actually like the way I played it better but it's important to see WHY the GM played the other move. 

After you've gone over some games like this, you'll be much more at home with all these unique blitz positions. You'll see yourself meeting this same openings in your actual play and already know what to do. It is more important to see the WHY of the actual moves, than what the different moves were. This is because you can use the WHY in a wide range of similar positions, but only the WHAT in that one position. Hopefully this makes sense; I realize I'm probably not explaining what I'm trying to say very well. To cure that ambiguity, let's go over a few examples from my own blitz play and you can better see what I'm getting at:

The rare, but tricky, O'Kelly Sicilian. What should White play here?

White must be a little careful, but he is taking over the position. Just a few more accurate moves and he'll be in the driver's seat to the full point.
White came up with a plan to fully mobilize his forces, while also utilizing a trump that he has in the position. Do you know what the trump is, and he did this?
White plays a move that leads to huge positional mistake by Black. What is that move and how did White immediately pounce on Black after the mistake?
The Whole Game: