Crash_Steve vs ChessLerner: Quad 47: Live: 3/30/2013

I'm a novice. Even that term may be too strong for me. I have to thank my "bestest" friend Dr_Cris_Angel for teaching me many of the basics. Most important is probably knowing the value of the pieces! Sounds silly, right? Yeah, but you'll never see me exchanging my rook, let's say, for their bishop. Another thing is defending squares. And uh... protecting my pieces(making sure I have back up(s)). Taking an open file(rook) is most often a good thing. So yeah, little things like that helped me out.
Let's check out my first annotation. This is for ChessLerner48. I screwed up our analyzing session after the game.


  • 4 years ago


    @ LimpSpider: Thanks. Yeah, I forgot to mentioned about coming up ahead in the exchange. During the game I didn't care because I gained.

    Thanks for the tips.

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    I don't like move 4. Bxf6. At this point, although you have an advantage in that Black's got a doubled pawn, you lose control of the dark diagonals, which Black fails to take advantage of. Your moves 9-13 are great, but saying that your knight is "trapped" misses the point, you won the exchange.

    The rook trade should have occured later in the game, after you've decimated his pawn structure with Re7...


    That's about it, and it's a good game.

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