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Winning a GM with Halloween Gambit

Winning a GM with Halloween Gambit

Nov 27, 2017, 5:01 AM 1

Fortunately during summer vacation I matched GM Ivan Ivanisevic during my live chess game 3+0 blitz. As a player of approximately 2300 blitz performance it may be hard for me to beat or even draw a grandmaster using common openings. Therefore I decided to use spicy opening to finish this online blitz game. Luckily I won this game and it was the first time I had won a grandmaster online!

The idea of Halloween Gambit is to sacrifice a knight for strong pawn centers. This ultra-spicy opening is very useful in blitz and bullet games due to its complicated variations. Here is my live chess statistics using this opening:


nullWow 69% winning chance, it is really amazing!

Here is my game with GM 1997Ivan. The grandmaster played very well in the game, but luckily I found some small flaws in his plan and luckily won this game. I really thank him for his strong play in this game. I made the annotations myself with the help of computer engine Stockfish 8.

I hope you enjoy this article. Have a good day!

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