How'd I do?  - As well as Caruana?

How'd I do? - As well as Caruana?

Mar 29, 2018, 12:09 PM |

So I know that this was a blitz game and there's not a great deal of value in analyzing a blitz game, however, it would be cool if some of you guys could give me your thoughts.

I know that I made some major blunders in the middle game but I feel that I played the end game really well. I'm unsure if I took the correct approach in the opening.



I like the idea of playing the Grand Prix against the Sicillian, not many people at my level will expect it and/or know what to do about it and the plans seem pretty easy to remember.

Usually I play 3.Bc4 but I have been having some mismatched results with that...possibly because I forget to prevent a6 and b5.


My idea with 11. Qg3 is to start moving in for an attack on the kingside. Judging by blacks pawn structure he will be castling on that side. If he does not then I have the stronger centre and should be able to open the game up and the queen will still be relatively well placed.


I tried to start opening the kingside following 11..0-0 however the pieces were exchanged all reletively quickly and I started blundering pawns.


I made a few silly queen moves but when they were exchanged and my opponents pawns were doubled and blockaded by my pawns, I saw some chances in the end game.

I managed to block black's passed pawns and eventually place him in a zugzwang position.


It was pretty smooth sailing after that as I was able to hold opposition and mop up my opponents pawn.

I'm unsure that the queen sacrifice was needed but it was obviously winning where I was unsure if I would be able to cleanly stop the pawn. Had it been a longer time control, I would have tried.


So guys, if what I have said hasn't made sense I apologise, but any feedback would be amazing.


Ohhh and Fabiano winning the candidates is amazing. I feel that he is one of the few people on the planet that could actually put Carlsen under some pressure. Not that I expect him to win but at least the world championship won'y be boring this time round.