a playground of funerals


It seemed fine
The wine flowing
Laughter covering the room
No sadness looked like it could of entered
Then the call comes
A rush of panic
Forgetting to reach
No time,
No breath,
Senses are numbed by pain
Blood from the sick comes
Your heart picks up
Kneeling over with hope
Beeping deafen the ears
White covers the sight
Mascara smears
Depression plagues the soul
The beautiful dancers come
Where's the sky?
It seemed fine
Never thinking tragedy
Prayers yell to the world
Where is the religion now?
No breath,
Pain becoming horrible
Running from the unwanted
Ballet shoes enter the mind
Coffins covered in smog
Loved ones question the action
No thought,
Death has appeared
Never did the thought of after effects enter
It is so dark centered
Never being able to escape
But is this right?
The tears forming seas
Fear creating trauma
Worry fills their hearts
Clouds now open
Will she still hear me?
Is it the right choice?
All questions,
No answer
Unreasonable thoughts
Metal reaches hands
Skulls shatter under the death
The dancers are gone now,
Miss Loved One is gone,
No life left
A want spills over
The lords wine cries out
Floors painted with pain
Faint whispers
No strength to look
Shinning the unknown
Darkening stages
Songs of sorrow appear
Why did you have to leave?