Apr 2, 2009, 7:29 PM |

major problem in my life, im losing one of the most important people in my life.

i got mad at my one sister for saying my ex bf's nickname for me, and laguhin about it.  now shes mad at me and is telling me that i dont act like a sis to her, shes probably right i'll give her that. but she has no idea how my life was i didnt hae any biological bros and sis', i didnt have a family that cared, i didnt know how to treat her, but she has tons of friends that smother her, i was assuming that she didnt like attention, so i didnt give it to her.  i played around with her alot, but unfortunately she, to what knowledge ive been given to this assumption, thougt thats how i think of her.  Which she wasnt listening to me when  i was trying to tell her how much i care for her as a little sis, she might have been listening, but she kept saying that was an excuse for trying to get back as friends

now im being accused of talkin smack about her behind her back when i wasnt uless it was when i was mad at her.  i dont really know what to do, this is the biggest fight ive been in with my best friend,

i dont know how to convince her that i actually care about her feelings and emotions, thoguh id dont show it, and i dont know how i can get to her without being stampeded by her other friends...help me plz.