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awesome dance!!!

Mar 2, 2009, 7:26 PM 5

ok, i went to this dance, and i had an awesome time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all my BEST friends were there, and all my reg friends. i didnt dance alot, but i still had fun, heres the thing, the guy from my other blogs like"betrayal...sorta" the guy named M/ matt was there. u can say we were flirting i u RLY think about it, cuz we were talking alot about sensless and random stuff. matt has a girlfriend now, which im ok with cuz shes my friend, but heres the thing, i still have feelings for matt. a couple days before, a girl told me to kiss matt at the dance, and his gf agreed, and thats when they were dating. it rly threw me off, but i didnt wanna do it. so at the dance matt's gf pushed me toward matt, i went back and explained to her i wudnt, but i RLY wanted to...so about five minutes later i kissed matt, and his gf was watching. she didnt care, but i felt so guilty, but so so so so happy!!!!! my friends cudnt stop hugging me, and i cant tell whether my relationship with matt friend wise is closer or farther apart ....but the dance was awesome!!

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