Feb 4, 2009, 6:08 PM |

today i heard a bad story about love lives.  there was a girl named T and she loved a boy named M, but he didnt feel anything towards her.  Instead he liked a girl named K, but she was dating a boy named R.

They were on the beach one day and M happened to ask K to a dance while he had knowledge of her relationship with R.  T found out the next day and was PISSED and even more because it came from M's friend A.  K had made a joke about M and said that she'd dump R for him, but was being sarcastic.  M took it seriously and right in front of T he asked K twice.  T was so upset that she wudnt talk to anyone. 

K and M were talking about how mad T was.  during that time T had found out that K was joking.  She went to the dorm room to apologize to K.  T came to the door and found M and K standing very close.  once they saw her face they both jumped.  she was crying for twenty mintues. 

R found out hours later and is upset at K for making such a joke.  K loves R, and R loves K.  but thx to M they had relationship troubles.  T is left alone moping and crying, being told constantly by K that she is sorry.  And M is wondering how to get K.

the rest of the story is a mystery cuz we got caught in the hallway, and we cudnt finsh