Mar 4, 2009, 7:59 PM |

On that day, my heart crumbles without a sound
No matter how much I scream and break,
the unerasable memories and darkness continue to flow past my eyes
And I sink into the tomorrow where I can't even differentiate the colors anymore

I continue to search for the day where I can come to an understanding
Now I am just living for the sake of losing
Even when it is all over and I am fighting alone
If you turn on the lights
I will shine towards it

"Thoughts filled with wishes will one day create colors"
This is what I have been taught
by the person who lives in my heart
Everything is born out of colors
Once again, I am going to paint tomorrow with these hands

I became used to losing without even realising it
Even the things that are placed on my hands are slipping through my fingers
Before my tears dried up, I just want to know
till now, who am I really trying to save with the words I want to hear
It's all your fate. You're gonna do that

If the light becomes stronger, darkness will also become deeper
Even after realising it, I still have nothing to fear
everything is created by the colors born out of the corner of our hearts
If we open our eyes, we will be able to see it

The breath of sadness
The colour which I have been looking for is fading away
without producing any sound