doubt and trust

Mar 25, 2009, 7:57 PM |



Running on without even seeing the end
Rest is far away, not even showing its form

Sealing loneliness inside,
the gaze that cast a lock on itself

Welcoming those who fly, the sky
Is not afraid of being dominated

The much desired brilliance
Is for the sake of changing everything

Without forgiving anyone,
Where are you going?

At the roots of light, darkness is born
Truth is wavered by lies
Piercing through my heart
Even if the night freezes at my touch
I'll continue calling out for
the shadow of the desire called "Dream"


this was just kinda random, and as you can see, ive been trying to get better on grammatical stuff formally, i wasnt really sure bout this at first because some people at school found out about all cookie97, lulzman11, and my blogs, and harassed us until this day... anyway this is sorta how i feel because lately i have come to the conclusion that i can trust most my friends!