Dec 22, 2008, 9:47 PM |

have u ever lost a friend?

someone very dear to you?

somebody who helped u with every thing, thru thick and thin

i bet u have


some think of friends as just people,

some people think theyre nothing but an object u take advantage of

they all abuse all sorts of friends, people, objects whatver they call them

they abuse friends who r listeners, talkers, athletes, emos, ect. ect.


im one of those friends and so is my sister

shes a listener, people tell her all sorts of gossip thatshe doesnt wana hear

they call me the"depressant"

they use my depression to their own selfish advantage of greed, pride, envy,

and all the other sins that god tried to chain away from us

but like pandora's box... we found it and opened it


all of us the friends need to stand up for ourselves

most of us have 2 great legs

we need to get up and use em

go up to those abusers say it to their face directly



dont lurk in the shadows with black and white

paint ur canvas with color

dont be afraid, because if you're afraid

then you have no strength in ur will at all.


i think of friends as someone who doesnt let go of u when ur hangin by a thread

who think of u as family

who have more strength and will than those with fear

no... those with sins


p.s this is dedicated to my friend kayla and lyshia.. and all u people... no friends who think the same about others