hold my hand

Jan 30, 2009, 9:33 PM |

this is something cookie97 inspired me to do, he wrote a song for somone he loves, and i felt like writing a song, but it sucks.  its about someone im ummm....crushing on, hater101 will prolly tell u guys.

HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!<it sucks>

Since the moment i saw you

new dreams were meant to come true

i never thought i wud fall in love

in a matter of a moment.


But then i saw ur bright blue eyes

and i was taken by the shine

and even tho my eyes blinked,

i know that ur starin back at me.


so come hold my hand

take me wherever ur goin

i wanna come and see ur world...

come hold my hand

come hold my hand...

take me wherever u will go...


PLZ GIVE ME FEEDBACK, and like cookie97 this is part of a song, if ya want the rest tell me!!

p.s- on line 5 idk wat color his eyes are, just blue eyes r shiny