i see u, dont u see me?

Dec 12, 2008, 10:03 PM |

 we've been friends 4 so long

I want it 2 be more than that

i can see u do 2, with her, my best friend

she doesnt want 2 c me get hurt, but she doesnt c how much it hurts


ur eyes are always glued 2 her

keepin them there

and it makes no sense at all

everyone says were ment 2 be


i thought u put my heart together

u want 2 b part of her life

she thinks u 2 r just friends, the way u look at her...

it shatters my heart


u want u and her 2 be more than friends

i saw u and saw the same thing

i see u, dont u see me?

right now

i dont know what to think.