i'm not Jesus

Dec 27, 2008, 2:29 PM |

ok this is another song from apocolyptica, plz keep ur religious thoughts to urself if theyre mean.here it is:

Dirty little secret,

Dirty little lies,

Say your prayers and comb your hair

Save your soul tonight


I thought u were a good man

I thought u talked to god

U hippocratic, messaianic,

and child abusing turned satanic.


Do remember me?

And the kid i used to be?

Do u remember me?

Do u remember?


When your own world comes undone

let me be the one to say:

( your god aint lookin down on me)

Im not Jesus, and u cant run away


And the innocence u spoiled

Found a way to live

(your god aint lookin down on me!)

Im not Jesus, I will not forgive!