let them be...

Dec 14, 2008, 8:04 PM |

Have you ever felt sad?

All alone in this big world

Forced to face your fears?

I bet you have.

But have you had the heart to tell anyone this?
Have you ever actually given suicide a series thought?

Well, many people have

And believe it or not, their lives are most likely worst than yours

Cutting and drinking, it’s all a way to escape the pain they tried to hide

Most of the time, it’s unsuccessful, and fatal.

You don’t hear them complain

If you really cared, you would let them vent how they wish

Not tell them it’s wrong

Especially if you only say that so you won’t be left behind in the dust they leave

They want the pain, or they would listen and stop

If it’s the only way for them to be happy, let it be

Happiness is hard to come by

So let them be….it’s their life

Not yours