me against the world

Dec 13, 2008, 4:27 PM |

the concept that is you
listen to the pain
the path that you have chosen
find out where it takes you
the intensity you share
play my lullaby
hear the song
make your own
the lyrics down
forever and always
I'm there to hold
rely on me, I'll give my all
you can't take it
the tears now fall
heartache after heartache
sorrow after sorrow
life is now so cruel
a smile you can't fake
so let it out, people leave
they left you broken
you're now so cold
let's let it end
the past to die
tell me more
I'll make it better
I'll right the wrong
I'll give you reason
no moonless night
I'll be the star
you're my comet in the sky
my light that always crashes
I'll pick you up
we both have risen
we'll go on
the ending distant
"me against the world?"
well now it's me and you