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Mar 3, 2009, 8:04 PM |

A momentary sparkle twinkles within the flowing time
Im a Believer who can keep walking so to engrave into this worlds memories

I had a dream that no one else could have and I threw away everything that I didnt need
Thoughts that I cant surrender dwell in my chest

Even if Im still in the rift between reality and ideals and my feet are bound by shackles of sacrifice
My overflowing impulse isnt fully repressed because I have a heart that yearns powerfully

Pretense, Fear, Vanity, Grief; I wont be weak enough
To be apprehended by the various negative things; Im a Trickster who doesnt know loneliness

The groups of buildings that pierce the night sky, I look up at the air in which stars and such are invisible
And ask myself, Wont I be lost?

Things like being smeared by those who overflow in this entire city or being infatuated wont happen to me
Because at the end of the road that connects to the future, I want to see something thatll grab onto my hand

I close my eyes and it surfaces in my sea of consciousness: the moment when Ill get the ideal that Id pictured


i cant believe i couldnt find a title, give me feedback and tell me suggestions for a title