she was in pain

Dec 8, 2008, 6:43 PM |

All the kids tease her
Not knowing all the pain
That poor little girl
Has to go through every day

And to make things worse
Her parents can't tell
How much pain she's in
Because they can only yell

She sneaks into her father's room
And she finds his gun
She can't stop the tears
But she knows it will soon be done

She takes a deep breath
And tries to calm herself down
But she thinks about the bullies
And the shouts that are so loud

Tears roll down her cheeks
As she puts the gun to her head
No one has any idea
That soon she will be dead.

Her parents stop arguing
When the hear the shot
The find her upstairs and realize
She was in more pain then they thought

At her funeral
Everyone cried
Why had they only cared
Once she had died?

ps this isnt me the poem just kinda flowed onto the keyboard