shield from rejection

Dec 8, 2008, 8:05 PM |

I watch you from afar
What are you doing?
You're hiding
Hiding froma world that rejected you
Thinking you're worthless
thinking you're ugly
thinking you're better off being used
But I see something else
There's something in you
You're a person who is a person
not an object to be used
someone who is beautiful
inside and out
Someone who is worth more than diamonds
and not just someone to be spat on
You have a beautiful soul
You have a beautiful mind
What I see is an amazing person
whom I'd die a thousand deaths for
I see an imaginative mind
A loving heart
A creative soul
A joyous laugh
A humorous language spoken
You're not garbage
You're special
You're unique
You're you
And I'm here for you
I'm your shield
Keeping the world that rejected you away
Not letting them hurt you again
Because you shouldn't be treated that way
I won't let them
You're too special
You're worth something to me
I'd die for you
And I never want to lose you
That was amazing
What? oh sorry. I'm puking over here