this is me

Dec 14, 2008, 6:35 PM |

This is where I spill it all
Every lie and cheat
I can name them all

This is where I take the fall
The step into the darkness

This is where I claim my fate
Jumping the ledge with no harness

This is where I gain their hate
Their distrust, their disgusted faces

This where I show my back to the opponent
A death shot all that is open

This is where I give it all away
My ending wish and token

This is where I admit my faults
Everything I’ve done to hurt those I love most

This is where I’m dealt the costs
What those who felt it worst decide will hurt worse

This is the place where I tell my truths
Everything bottled inside in my short years and youth

This is the place where we learn who is who
Where we see what is right
Where we learn what to do

This is where I let go of my fear
The whispers of dread flowing through my ear
This is where I let the haziness clear

This is where the lies end
This is where my fate bends

This is where I come clean
Now is when you realize I am much more than I seem

This is where you learn what is me.