who u were

Dec 12, 2008, 10:21 PM |

An endless road of broken dreams,

Is where you stand today,

Fighting to keep in unheard screams,

And storing unshed tears.

There used to be a fire in your eyes,

Burning for all to see,

But ever since you’ve been caught in these lies,

It’s slowly grown weaker.

Pain has now become your friend,

Depression is familiar,

Cutting is something you defend,

When inside you know it is not right.

Your scars prove something’s wrong,

Even if you hide them so well,

They’ve been there for too long,

Pleading for help.

You used to laugh and smile,

Your face lighting up a room so easily,

But that hasn’t happened in a while,

Not since you’ve changed so dramatically.

I wish life weren’t so rough,

It can beat us down in a single swing,

Even if we try to act tough,

When we know we can’t succeed.

As these words are written in dim candlelight,

I hope you will never give up on life,

Not without a fight,

Showing that you are still the friend I have grown to love.