Jan 16, 2009, 6:08 PM |

how many times have you been betrayed?

how many times have u felt that uve been lied to?

or that u lied and didnt mean to?

well promises, gossip, rumors, secrets, these r all just



u need to find the truth

just because somebody tells u something, those r just words

u dont know their true feelings

sure we all lie, its not like i dont, im just saying

u wudnt know the truth, unless they tell u their true feelings


for example somebody can tell u that they luv u

the next day ud walk in saying the same thing and u find them


rage, hate, pain, regret

these arent words, these are feelings


 happiness, love, peace

these are feelins that others can toy with at will,

they can take advantage of these emotions, turn them into the opposite

they can take advantage of you,

theyll tell u all sorts of lies to get to you

just ignore it, unless u know their feelings, true honesty,

not just the words


p.s. in the third stanza that didnt happen to me or anyone i know, it just came to mind, and if it has ever happened to u, im sry