How to get better at chess

May 20, 2016, 10:21 AM |

Every chess player wants to improve himself and make progress, however, one of the biggest problems is to understand how to do it. 
Many people spend endless hours and hours to become good at chess. But inspite of all their hardwork , their results doesn't match with the amount of work they have done on chess. There are people who spend innumerable hours on opening , reading books here and there in a hope to get better but all their efforts goes in vain when it comes to reality . So what is the problem ? 
Is there unique method by which aspiring people can become good at chess .Well there is no shortcut of success. The only place where "success comes before work is in DICTIONARY". In reality , we have to work hard to achieve our dreams. It is not just hard work which defines success but it is the hard work in the right direction which can escalate the success. By adopting the correct method of learning, we can escalate our success and get good results. So the key idea is instead of wasting time on other things we should strive to adopt a better method of learning to get good results. 
By keeping these questions in my mind, i've decided to write something about it. 
This series " Handbook of chess" includes every minute concepts of chess about the openings, middle game, endgame , strategy,tactics, positional play and many more. In firsst volume of this series , i have shared my knowledge about the middlegame concepts . 
Some concepts which i have discussed in this volume are: 
Middle game concepts, how to evaluate chess positions, imbalances , to do list ,candidate moves (an efficent technique by which we can calculate effective and accurate moves) and many more. 
What is the target audience? 
1.Beginners to Intermediate level chess players 
2.For anyone who loves chess and want to improve himself/herself. 
By going through these concepts , anyone who have some basic knowledge of chess can become good . But chess is not all about gaining knowledge . Without practice ,there is no use of knowledge if we can't use them as our habit. So to include them as a habit , we need to do a lot of practice. Therefore in this book , every concept is followed by the annotated games of the masters. By going through all of this , anyone can get thorough knowledge and good chess understanding.

Here you can get your copy for free till 21st  May and after that you have to pay for it. So please feel free to comment and  give your valuable review if you like it. Cool