How to use "Game Editor" on

How to use "Game Editor" on

Jun 4, 2014, 8:54 AM |

How to use a game editor on step by step.

1. Login to

An image below is a screen capture of my home page.











2. Open "Game Editor" link

You can find the link in a navigatin bar [ MORE >> Game Editor ] 










3. Make sure that a game editor is now displayed on your screen like a following image.


4. Open "Position Setup" tab and edit game information.

i recommend you not to skip this step.

If you open this tab after you've editted a game on the other tabs, 

you will overwrite the initial position of a game and have to input the same information again...OMG...

An image below is an example of game details.


5. Open "Analysis Board" tab and input a game by moving pieces.

If you already have pgn data, you can skip this step.


6. Open "Game Editor" tab and comment on a game.

You can add variation lines to a game by moving pieces.

Let's give it a comment with [!, !!, !?, ?!] !!

You can also paste pgn data with "Paste PGN" button instead of inputting a game.

Comments in even Japanese language are allowed by this editor

whilst Japanese comments are not allowed in chessbase softwares...

















7. Back to the initial position and press "Embed"

Be sure to return to the initial position.

If you skip this step, a game would be displayed from the middle of a game.

















Message dialog is shown after clicking "Embed".


8. Paste the code onto your blog and watch a game.

You can also watch a game by typing URL in that code.

The following is an screen capture when you open the URL with Google Chrome.

Thanks for reading!! ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃Booo000OOoommmm