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ChessTempo Tactical Motifs

ChessTempo Tactical Motifs

Dec 8, 2014, 1:10 AM 0

Hey guys! As a beginner, I've totally been blown away by the importance of tactics. I used to always hear how important they were to practice and I never understood what the big deal was (Hey, Im new. Cut me some slack...) until I started to realize that it trains you to look for certain patterns, among other things.

Now I see that tactics are probably among the most important things a beginner can do to improve, besides endgames and a few other fundamentals.

I've heard it said that tactics are the language of chess. Every language has points of grammar and rules and require copious amounts of study. 

As I practiced more and more I hit a wall and I started to wish for some kind of list or reference of different tactical themes. Then someone pointed out to me that there is one, and it happens to be located on what is probably the best tactics site available.


What an excellent resource!

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