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My first live victory!

My first live victory!

Jan 22, 2015, 1:22 AM 0
I just played my first live Standard game on this site and I won! This also happens to be my first live victory ever! I have been playing Correspondence games for a few months while studying a few books by Jeremy Silman and thumbing through a few others.
My opponent opened up with an attempted Scholar's Mate and it kind of offended me, but such are the games down here at our level...
In Correspondence, my typical response to that opening is to develop normally, preferably with moves that threaten the Queen.
I spent a few turns chasing the Queen around until, finally, my opponent blunders and resigns.
I would have loved for my first victory to be a tooth-and-nails-till-the-end, mind-expanding struggle for dominance, but I have to admit... punishing some poor guy going for a cheap win was pretty satisfying, too.

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