Oct 29, 2010, 12:24 AM |

So yeah i had the swimming on Wednesday. It went well, my house won! Wah Hoo!!!!! And i did backstroke, butterfly, 2x freestyle relays, the novelty relay and yeah. That was fun because i can't do butterfly and my backstroke was between me and my bestfriend because the 3 other houses didn't put a person in and i won yay!And just to ass to my happiness, I have a long wekend from saturday to tuesday. I go back to school on Wednesday and i have a science test and an english essay. Fun, yeah right. It's a load of bull because none of us learn anything in science because our teacher has a strong accent which makes him hard to understand and he doesn't explain anything well. And our english teacher is a total bastard. He randomly picks on my friend and is just totally mean! So yeah, that's my life. Fun right?

Peace out :-)(-: