3 Famous Chess Tactics/Puzzles To Know

Feb 10, 2011, 6:55 PM |

Chess is all about strategy and tactics. Any experienced chess player can tell you that!

So it is important to keep your tactical skills sharp and your logical puzzle solving active at all times during a game!

I have studied chess, played chess, mentored chess, won/drawn/lost at chess, and throughout my first months of playing, I have stumbled across many challanging puzzles and logical sequences that cause the mind to twist and spiral into a fit of complex thought. 

Alas, I am not here to tell you chess, but show chess! Below are 3 famous chess tactics, perhaps some of the most important chess tactics ever developed. Ancient tactics to modern, the puzzles below will help anyone improve chess skills and think outside the box.

This is the first time I posted a puzzle, bare with me ;)

Below is an ancient puzzle of genuine wit and despair developed more then 800 years ago! Be bold, as any move white makes results in a non-winning conclusion! Or...does it? Take a few minutes to take this puzzle head on! White is in a very dangerous position, and any move results in unfathomable consequences! Figure out the best possible outcome for white!








Yes, the puzzle made me think for a long time too, since it seems any move results in a lost/drawn position. But if you think long enough, then yes, there is a winning sequence for white.

If the first puzzle was too "easy" or too for you, then I might have something to fit your groove ;)

Another puzzle, a bit more modern, but has a much more realistic feel to it. Like, you might actually run into this exact problem in a real chess game! I did one time against a player rated 400 points above me, and I won because of it. This is also considered a strong endgame puzzle. It's my favorite puzzle, but I trust you can solve it, in time of course.

White has run into a wall of pawns with no other piece for support! Is there a way to break through this pawn wall, or is this a simple illusion of stonewall defense? Lead White to victory! 








And viola! White just needed a simple pawn advance to break through the equal pawn wall. This is perhaps an accurate example of a zugzwang as well. I actually encountered this with a much stronger opponent. He was aware of the tactic as well, but I suppose the chess gods were with me that game.

The last puzzle is famous, and much more widely known, but just as important nonetheless. Known as the "Reti Manuever" in chess, this tactic is widely regarded as an impossible challange. But there is a way to stop black's pawn promotion, or at least promote you own! There are 2 different scenarios, but for now we will go through the most realistic scenario.

White is too far away to stop the black's pawn! What is white's only hope for survival? The pawn next to the looming black queen, or the impeding use of double protection? Lead White to victory (in this case, a draw is the best white can do)








And so, the unthinkable happened. In a amazing feat of effiecient king movement, the white king has managed to stop the impending doom of a lost game! Incredible! Just incredible. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the puzzles/tactics. Tell me how long it took you to figure them out!

I will also take requests, so if you want me to do another multi puzzle challenge, request it! I will not refuse a challenge!

Have an awesomesaucy weekend everyone :]