Different Variations of Chess

Mar 1, 2011, 7:11 AM |

So I was flicking through my apps on my iPod, just wondering what amazing application I could play with next, and I stumbled upon my prized board game app: Mastersoft. It's a nifty lil chess app that has mucho features and plenty of extra's included.

And after a while of goofing around, I found a neat little feature that lets me configure the board any way I like (as long as its legal) and will let the computer continue play/give the position a rating, and even save the pgn in its own database! I can email myself game pgn's at 3am while duking it out with the chess computer as I take a shower!!!

Now let me tell you, its very very VERY fun messing around with positions. I did historic positions, like in game Game 2 between Garry Kasparov and Deep Blue. I replicated the exact position the GM claimed the IBM supercomputer had assistance with. Then I did some of my own game positions (cuz this website dont have no such feature lol) and found out many of my opening mistakes. It is also handy for helping me with my blind chess.

But I have fooled around with the app for so long, I discovered I had made a new variation of chess, one that takes on a whole new meaning. Of course the positions are basically the same, but for my new varitiation, I take away half the board! Here, let me show you. Below is an "image" of my chess board.








And here you have it, my own personal variation to chess itself! It's an intriguing set up. There are many possibilites for gameplay, since the king is wide open on both sides, there are 3 passed pawns for each side to run with, and each on opposite ends of the boards, giving even more power to the bishops. The main goal of this set-up is t race your pawns to promotion before your opponent can! But be careful, promoting one pawn all the way alone can easily be stopped! It will take the will of 4 pawns, chained up in a wave formation, to break through the onslaught of minor pieces!

I had the honor of playing my chess app computer with this very setup. Enjoy this variation of chess I have made up (still working on a name for it, any suggestions would be appreciated!!) Below is the chess game:

I was so mad! The computer sure took me for a spin, being up an entire rook+pawn in the endgame. I felt like a horrible chess player. But this is not real chess, so oh well :)

I will make up more chess variations in the near future! Perhaps I could also make a new piece, but that would be too much of a stretch. So for now, I will make up new variations with the same o' chess pieces.