First Win Against a Candidate Master (CM)

Dec 29, 2010, 1:24 PM |

Happened a few days ago. I beat someone with the title CM. Over 2000 rating. Bullet chess. I am strong ^^

  • I was fed up with the amount of times I lost games due to time, so I enabled auto move
  • I was done with horrible openings that I developed, so I studied over a dozen different openings, including the Scotch Game/Kings Indian/Sicilian/Elephant Gambit, Etc...
  • I was sick of always having my opponent catch my king off guard, so now I castle early
  • I always produce boring and predictable games, so now its my time to whip my brain until it collides with logic and prediction

I needed to bring myself up, at all costs. About to start my first chess match ups in real life as well, I am about to start up for real. 1400 is a strong rating, but any player can easily lose a minor piece with such a rating. It's not me. It's not my skill, not what my maximum is. My mind has pushed myself until I made it here, beating a master of 2000+ in chess. Bullet, blitz, no difference expect the mind's reaction.

My game is below. Even though my opponent quit early, I still won, and it's my highest rated win ever, and it's something I will remember until I reach the level of a chess Expert.

Bullet is of course, a very tough form of chess. Moving quick is key to winning an entire game, so pretty much anything can happen. But a win is a win, and my opponent put up a good fight. And it was a good night for me too.

I hope to reach the 2000 rating level in bullet chess by February 2011. I can only rely on myself to reach my goals. I will only reach them by studying more and more, playing more, and becoming clairvoyant, unlocking my true potential.