Hard Computer = Easy Win?

Dec 11, 2010, 6:08 AM |

Are the computer chess programs too easy to beat? Just the other day I beat a chess computer that was "supposed" to be a challenge for someone like me, only ranking a mere 1400. My computer foe was Computer 3-Hard (1709), and looked particularly menacing because I used to lose to the hard computer very quickly. However, I had bulked up my rating in the past week, learned a few more openings and endgame tactics, and the true uses of pinning pieces to the king. I was ready to face the computer (which I rarely do) and, in turn, face my fear of the "almighty non-error machine". Play started normal, and continued in a linear path. Easy enough for me to beat? Check the game below, I was White, tell me what you think.


I easily defeated my opponent, and I did make a few errors in the process. Is the computer "really" hard to beat? And why did it allow the king into easy checkmate on Move 61? It seems even a newbie low 1300 rated player could wipe the floor with the hard computer. This might raise a few eyebrows, but hey, thats chess.

Have you ever beaten the hard computer? The medium, easy, or (gulp) the impossible computer? Harder then you expected? Easier?

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