My First Win Against a Chess Expert

Dec 6, 2010, 7:18 PM |

Just thought I would share a marvelous chess match with the chess community. Happened fairly recently, against a player with a rating +700 points higher then me, an enormous gap in terms of tactical skill and analysis ability. I was trying my very best in this game, because I was with a friend at the time watching me play, and I did not want to lose the game easily. And by lose, I mean lose. I knew facing a 1950+ rating player would result in my automatic resign from perhaps the first 10 moves, due to the masterful play of such an advanced player. I mean, the chances of me beating a player of such skill was perhaps slimmer then paper. However, I suddenly had a much stronger approach to the game. Perhaps I played much better because my friend was watching us play? My opponent was careless? I might never know. Take a look at my game below against antonio_7832


And BOOM. I won. I had successfully taken on an opponent that was nearly a master at the game. Yes, I won on time, but It's still a win. My opponent lost because he took too long figuring out how to counter my chess play, which I am proud of. My friend was shocked, and was so excited he nearly fell out of the chair next to mine. It was a pretty amazing moment.

Feel free to comment on the game, if anyone can find any better variations and opening lines, feedback would be awesome. Don't be shy, insert a chess diagram and add opening moves, or even moves you would have made in either black or white's position. I am willing to discuss all options in this game.