Bizarre Chess Match


Hello all. Writing to you live during the Lunar Solar Eclipse of December 21st, 2010 in the midst of the Winter Solstice, I bring you the weirdest game of chess I ever played tonight. Perhaps it was caused by...the Lunar Eclipse! 

For those reading this much later after December 21st, the type of Lunar Eclipse I am watching right now will not happen for another 94 years. If you fell asleep before you were able to savor the moment, or just completely forgot, it's okay. Better luck next time I suppose.

Now, onto my weirdest chess match ever.

My opponent was not a strong player, but he did have a similiar chess strength, so nothing special about the chess match itself. But it was indeed strange, nothing I ever saw before. Pretty odd, check it out below:

Pretty peculiar stuff right there.

I almost want to take a snapshot of move 11, and frame it to my fridge, as a reminder of how weird chess can become... Not really :P

Anyways, I easily won, and my opponent did not respond when I asked for a semi "interview" about the very weird position. Oh well, better luck next time.

Have you ever had a weird chess position, just so awkward, bizzare, and just plain kooky that you needed to release all the pent-up emotions of the ludicrous position? Comment below, leave a chess diagram, anything really to show your unusual position.

Happy Holidays!