Piece Costs

Piece Costs

Dec 3, 2010, 12:56 AM |

In my first article, I will explore chess pieces and the costs. Let's explore piece costs.

Pawn is worth 1 point

Knight and Bishop are 3 points respectivly

Rook is 5 points

And the Queen is a whopping 9 points

In addition to all the key pieces, the King has been given an assortment of different point amounts. Usually, the King is worth infinite amount of points because of it's value: you lose the king, you lose the game.

But in some cases, these pieces are more valuable than others, because you enjoy using the piece, and therefore, can use it to its full potential. Being comfortable with a piece can only mean a better game play. Personally, I value the knight and queen pieces the most. Knights are the only piece that has a non-linear movement, and the queen can checkmate much easier then with 3 minor pieces. Some people enjoy bishops and queens, others rooks and pawns. 

To me, the value of pieces fluctuates in every game, but the average of all the games would result in this form:

Pawn: 1.2 points

Knight: 3.4 points

Bishop: 2.5 points

Rook: 4.3 points

Queen: 9.8 points


For many players, it all depends on which piece they are comfortable with. 

"The bishop is the guardian of the board."

- Bobby Fischer


So, whats your favorite piece? How much do you value the minor pieces, and how heavily do you weigh the burden on your valuable rooks and queen? Leave a comment below and I will, as a gift, bestow upon you a chess rating of OVER 9000!!!